Also known as glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most aggressive cancer in the brain. It's a grade 4 tumor, fast-growing and likely to spread. The cause of most cases is unclear.

Glioblastoma is ‘diffuse; meaning they have threadlike tentacles that extend into other parts of the brain, thus slowly shutting down all sensory and motor functions within the body.

Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation have all been found to be of little help in this battle.

Unfortunately, glioblastomas are aggressive tumors and often appear resistant to treatment. There is no clear way to prevent the disease, and despite maximum treatment, cancer usually recurs.

The most common length of survival following diagnosis is 12 to 15 months with fewer than 1% of people surviving longer than five years.


This page is not a sufficient source of information or diagnosis. Please consult a medical professional if you are showing symptoms, or have a family history of brain cancer.
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